Division of 招生 Management 和 学生的成功


We boldly 和 innovatively champion success for all students in every stage of their educational journey.

Our Division Vision

The Division of 招生 Management & 学生的成功 (EMSS) will engage with campus colleagues 和 the community to plan 和 execute strategies to support enrollment stabilization 和 growth. Specifically, we will:

  • work collaboratively 和 diligently to deliver an exemplary 和 transformative experience which supports academic excellence to achieve equitable 和 successful student outcomes 和 attain optimal enrollment.
  • operate interdependently to collect, analyze 和 share disaggregated information with campus stakeholders utilizing an enrollment management ecosystem framework.
  • actively support becoming a fully integrated student-ready college that will serve as a state 和 national model for our use of data 和 support programs that address 和 impact the successful preparation for our students' educational, career or life goals.

Our Division Mission

The Division of 招生 Management & 学生的成功 (EMSS) exists to provide the resources students need outside of the classroom to be successful intellectually, financially, culturally, emotionally, socially, physically, spiritually, 和 environmentally while exp和ing their options for current 和 future success. Through an ethic of care, our mission as educators is to guide 和 support the diverse needs of our students in their quest to complete their academic program in a reasonable time at the lowest possible 成本.

Our Core Principles

我们是学生中心: Laser focused on the success of our students which is at the center of decisions, processes, tools, 和 communications. Compliance is not compromised. Our policies 和 practices eliminate or reduce barriers to the extent possible.

我们相信: 福斯特 an environment 和 culture of mutual trust, communication, 和 accountability among talented 和 committed unit leaders 和 team members who value the diversity of students 和 each 其他. We earn this trust by keeping our commitments. We 拥抱 the mission 和 goals of the college.

We Build Capacity: Achieve cohesive, supportive, 和 streamlined systems for students from the date of first inquiry through graduation 和 beyond, we work to create 和 appropriately staff sustainable structures with clearly defined goals; professional development; scalable strategies; thoughtful implementation 和 execution; frequent individual 反馈; on-going assessment 和 quality 改进.

We are Strategic 和 Intentional: Examine 和 focus each independent 和 interdependent 过程中, 办公室, 和 role as it impacts the student through a lens of equity, support 和 outcomes in alignment with our strategic plan.

我们是数据-通知: Utilize data (ours 和 其他s); 研究 应用 best 和 promising practices to create context for 感觉-making, equity consciousness, 使 调整 through the lens that 'every 学生的 has the potential to succeed.